Jezebel was a queen, identified in the Book of Kings as the daughter of Ithobaal I of Sidon and the wife of Ahab, King of Israel. She has been labeled with a reputation as the bad girl of the Bible, the wickedest of women. This ancient queen has been denounced as a murderer, prostitute and enemy of God, and her name has been adopted for lingerie lines and World War II missiles alike


The Jazebel Necklace, is a hand cut and detailed brass piece mounted on a royal blue thin silk ribbon. With brass finishes and mini Dib logos on the end. You can tie it at any desired length either long or short.


Dimensions: Ribbon: 84cm, Brass: 7.5cm x 2.5cm

Metal work,100% hand made in Caracas, Venezuela, mounting 100% handmade in Brooklyn, New York

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