Inspired by the royal women of past eras, The Royal DIB Collection highlights the riveting characteristics of the Baroque era and aesthetic, which featured exaggerated motion and meticulous detailing to create a sense of dramatic energy, in addition to projecting a vision of triumph, power and control as a means to captivate viewers. Each unique design incorporates these qualities through the handcrafted detailing, a variety of size and scale proportions and the use of specialty materials including the introduction of zirconium stones and silk thread ropes. Never losing site of the brand’s "bold and minimal” core aesthetic, this collection seamlessly fuses classic DIB silhouettes with a Royal perspective.

To accurately capture the mood of the collection, each image pays homage to Chiaroscuro oil paintings through the use of strong light and dark tonal contrast - a classic characteristic of the Baroque style. The blend of these artistic styles is especially well represented in the still life imagery; each has the appearance of a true oil painting and showcases each member of the designer’s family — a way of expressing her gratitude for all that they (father, mother & brother) have contributed to her ongoing success and vitality.

Always wanting to maintain the modern and graphic atheistic for which DIB is known, the lookbook images integrate modern day-to-day objects - such as a lamp shade, phone and Cheetos - as props around the lookbook's muse and model, Joanna Hausmann, a popular Venezuelan comedian who, with her portrayal of the modern royal woman, flawlessly captured the mood of the collection. 

Photo: Diana Molina

Muse: Joanna Hausmann

Make-up: Jose Dao

Stylist: Tiffany Azmouz

Hair: Maria Caycedo