Bohemian Compass

Ana Gak is truly an admirable soul. She is an explorer of the world and all of its cultures. Fearless, relentless, and with a huge heart, Ana seeks “what lies beyond the comforts of the modern day western world”. 

I was lucky enough to have lived with her and her dog Nahila for three months in the city. We lived in a tiny apartment built in the 1800s where the bathtub was in the kitchen (actually in the kitchen). We were completely out of our comfort zone, but we survived and taught each other about connection, kindness and good vibes. While I chose to stay put in the city that never sleeps, trying to fulfill what I believe are my dreams, Ana wanders around the globe and cultivated images and experiences that most of us dream about having. On her blog Bohemian Compass you can see and read more about the experiences she has had. Check it!



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