Tyra Banks - Americas Next Top Model Cycle 21

In December 2014, I received an email from Tyra Banks’ stylist requesting that I pull some of my pieces to be worn during ANTM Cycle 21. Tyra, who saw one of my pieces that was featured in ELLE magazine (January 14th, 2014), had personally asked her stylist to find me and get some of my work! I sent Tyra several pieces for her to choose to wear during the filming, but thought that she would only wear one, if any at all. Much to my surprise, she wore several pieces of mine throughout the entire season. She wore earrings, a cuff, necklaces (one of which she wore twice!), and also the same necklace that had originally been featured in ELLE. I am so grateful that Tyra’s stylist found me and thrilled to be able to say that Tyra Banks herself requested my jewelry. Not only did she request it, but apparently she loved it!

Jessie DibComment