Pop Up Mob Opening with Fashion Bunker & Jessie Dib

Pop Up Mob is a full service pop-up agency and incubator with the mission of keeping the retail scene on its toes. The company aims to help brands connect with consumers by creating an innovative experience which communicates each brand’s vision and story. They offer a wide range of pop-up services from pop-up basics to more in-depth assistance such as full service installations, all with a criminally cool twist. At the same time, they also fish for insane and upcoming brands and feature them in their own pop-up shops.

Earlier this Fall I was chosen to be a part of their first pop-up in Soho, NYC. The shop was a complete success and the feedback was incredible. I wish the founders (Ana Pelucarte and Mari Lopez) all the best in the world! These are two ladies that really fight for what they want, and never give up on their dreams. Ladies, thank you for making me a mobster.

Jessie Dib1 Comment