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home is where the heart is

Jessie Dib

Every time I come back to you, I see something I had not seen before and I learn things about you that everyone talked about and I never wanted to accept...I realize that you have changed, that things are not the same and it makes me wonder if we really have a future or if I should let it go, accept the reality... You look terrible, like if no one takes care of you ... Its sad seeing you deteriorated when you have so much potential .... If only those around you could see that and work together to make you grow you would be worth more than gold. But no matter what, I will never loose my hope, my soul belongs to only you ... and wherever I may be or go in life I will always have you with me.... I leave you today, once again with a heartbreak ....

My dear Venezuela

Summer Vibes

Jessie Dib

My college friend Hailegh Wojo is such an amazing and talented human being. She continuously works on organizing photo-shoots as well as styling them. On Instagram you can find her as @thewojosmojo and see how much of a nonstop, go-getter woman she is. A couple of weeks ago I asked her if she would be interested in working with some of my pieces during her shoots and without hesitation she accepted. After two weeks of sending the pieces to her she had already gotten back to me with a full load of amazing images that, to my surprise, were shot by the very talented photographer Austin Simkins. If you don't know him then you should! The shoot was the product of an unexpected collaboration gone perfectly right! With clothing by Katherine Kidd , the lovely model Victoria Briele and Hailegh Wojo as the stylist.

Bohemian Compass

Jessie Dib

Ana Gak is truly an admirable soul. She is an explorer of the world and all of its cultures. Fearless, relentless, and with a huge heart, Ana seeks “what lies beyond the comforts of the modern day western world”. 

I was lucky enough to have lived with her and her dog Nahila for three months in the city. We lived in a tiny apartment built in the 1800s where the bathtub was in the kitchen (actually in the kitchen). We were completely out of our comfort zone, but we survived and taught each other about connection, kindness and good vibes. While I chose to stay put in the city that never sleeps, trying to fulfill what I believe are my dreams, Ana wanders around the globe and cultivated images and experiences that most of us dream about having. On her blog Bohemian Compass you can see and read more about the experiences she has had. Check it!



Tyra Banks - Americas Next Top Model Cycle 21

Jessie Dib

In December 2014, I received an email from Tyra Banks’ stylist requesting that I pull some of my pieces to be worn during ANTM Cycle 21. Tyra, who saw one of my pieces that was featured in ELLE magazine (January 14th, 2014), had personally asked her stylist to find me and get some of my work! I sent Tyra several pieces for her to choose to wear during the filming, but thought that she would only wear one, if any at all. Much to my surprise, she wore several pieces of mine throughout the entire season. She wore earrings, a cuff, necklaces (one of which she wore twice!), and also the same necklace that had originally been featured in ELLE. I am so grateful that Tyra’s stylist found me and thrilled to be able to say that Tyra Banks herself requested my jewelry. Not only did she request it, but apparently she loved it!

Pop Up Mob Opening with Fashion Bunker & Jessie Dib

Jessie Dib

Pop Up Mob is a full service pop-up agency and incubator with the mission of keeping the retail scene on its toes. The company aims to help brands connect with consumers by creating an innovative experience which communicates each brand’s vision and story. They offer a wide range of pop-up services from pop-up basics to more in-depth assistance such as full service installations, all with a criminally cool twist. At the same time, they also fish for insane and upcoming brands and feature them in their own pop-up shops.

Earlier this Fall I was chosen to be a part of their first pop-up in Soho, NYC. The shop was a complete success and the feedback was incredible. I wish the founders (Ana Pelucarte and Mari Lopez) all the best in the world! These are two ladies that really fight for what they want, and never give up on their dreams. Ladies, thank you for making me a mobster.

Lincoln Center Social Club

Jessie Dib

Over the summer Lincoln Center began a new membership club called Lincoln Center Social Club that happened during their many outdoor concerts and events. Throughout the summer, members of Social Club saw performances by Jose Gonzalez, Cecile McLorin Salvant, Rennie Harris Puremovement, and many more.

Lincoln Center approached me to design and produce the member ID card for Lincoln Center Social Club Members. This was not a typical membership card. Instead, it was a DIB necklace that had each members’ ID number engraved on it. The shape of the necklace was inspired by the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Lawn, designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro architects during Lincoln Center’s renovation. Social Club also produced three happy hours surrounding performances where they allowed me to set up a booth and exhibit my work. Thank you Lincoln Center for this amazing opportunity and for appreciating my work.

Jessie Dib Trunk Show in Barcelona

Jessie Dib

Barcelona was beautiful. A city to fall in love with, a place to relax and really appreciate life with out all the chaos around it. I had the opportunity to host a small trunk show for only friends and family on the terraza of one of my best friends Andreina Shutte.

Behind the scenes of the "DIB Video Teaser"

Jessie Dib

On Saturday April 12th, Sarah, Christophe, Diana, Simon, Franklin and I got together to film the DIB Video Teaser. The video is a representation of the DIB customer and a representation of their day to day fast passed city life. Most of the shots where done in the subway, and were well planned and organized before hand. We had a route, we followed it and we went for it !